hello, beauties!

I have never had the occasion to visit Burj Al ARAB,it was a great pleasure for me when i received the invitation  to attend NEUTROGENA event.I would like to share with you my discovery …,the products!


Facial wipes:the texture is very soft with a fresh cleansing lotion to instantly remove makeup-up and lets face well hydrated.

Micellar water: I have always been sensible when it come to pick my “micellar water” because sometimes either it’s so oily or stings in my eye but when i tried this one i was so happy for the result and suitable for sensitive skin.

Water gel:an innovative lightweight gel that activates with water to lather away dirt,oil and make-up while  smoothing skin with a boost of hydration.

Gel cream moisturizer:  instantly smother extra  dry skin and keep it looking smooth,supple and hydrated all day,oil free,fragrance free, recommended for extra dry skin.



i hope you enjoyed reading this post thanks for stopping by! many kiss from @mouhebeauty



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